Tuesday, November 26


ekhem ekhem
the day i decide to do psychology

I would never imagine there will be statistics

hey You!
yes you,
please don't be like me

ask yourself the basic question
for anything you gonna do in future
what, why, when, who, whom, which, how
find the exact answer for those questions
decide next

please make sure  
you know what you like
understand why you like them
and deal with it

tak la nanti jadi macam aku
'apasal psych ada stats ah???'
>mulut nganga sambil tonyoh- tonyoh cermin mata yang power menggunung<

dulu tak nak review siap- siap

whatever it is, I enjoy stats and for the rest of my life I will never be regret for my intent towards psychology
oh Allah I know You know better than me.....